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30 Years of Speech Pathology Services for Children & Adults in Perth

Jennifer Baker, Owner Fremantle Speech Pathology Services

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services is a dynamic practice that provides services to individuals with speech, language and literacy difficulties; it was established by Jenny Baker in 1987. Jenny has fostered a professional practice that is dedicated to improving the communication and literacy skills of individuals across all ages.


Fremantle Speech Pathology Services works closely with other clinics, universities, schools and organisations to promote a collaborative approach to Professional Development. Each term, time is set aside for therapists to learn about new programs or discuss complex cases together as a group. This is such an integral part of the day-to-day running of the clinic. Therapists also attend professional seminars and workshops in order to up-skill in new areas of practice. Advances in the science of literacy development are progressing so rapidly; it is vital that all therapists working at FSPS be equipped with relevant and recent information to ‘drive’ their intervention policies and practices.

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services provides intervention that is evidence-based and draws from current research. There are twenty-six Speech Pathologists working in the practice; they provide intervention for the development of...


•   Oral Language

•   Word Attack Strategies                      

•   Speech Production

•   Reading Comprehension

•   Stuttering

•   Spelling Knowledge 

•   Phonological Awareness

•   Written Language Ability

•   Mathematical Concepts


Please feel free to speak with one of the Speech Pathologists at Fremantle Speech Pathology Services if you have any concerns regarding your child.

J.Baker - Founder and Director 

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