Meet Our Speech Therapists

Joanne Gordon speech therapist
Joanne Gordon

Joanne graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology Honours) with First Class Honours and is a Certified Practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Laura Glisson

Laura is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with over 11 years of experience working with primary and secondary age students with Developmental Language Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, literacy difficulties and social-emotional and mental health difficulties.

Laura has extensive experience providing individual, small group and classroom based intervention and training for teachers in the areas of vocabulary, semantics, grammar, text structure, comprehension, emotional literacy, social skills, reading and spelling. Laura previously worked for Curtin University, providing training to undergraduate students and supervised Speech Pathology students on school placements. She published her Master of Philosophy through Curtin University, evaluating the effect of an oral narrative intervention for children with language difficulties. 

She is experienced in providing client-centred and evidence based intervention with children and adolescents in the areas of language, literacy, speech and stuttering.

Nikki take 2.jpg
Nikki Chesson

Nikki has worked in several schools within the Perth metropolitan area to provide speech and language services to individual children as well as establish support mechanisms for parents and teachers.

Nikki also worked at Dyslexia SPELD Foundation where she used numerous evidenced based programs such as Sounds Write to assist students with reading and spelling development. She has considerable experience in Literacy/Learning difficulties and is working in the practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week.

Judith Yeo

Judith has a keen interest in the science behind reading and spelling and gains immense satisfaction teaching children 'how words work".


Judith works at the clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays primarily with kindy to year six students.

Across the other days of the week, Judith dedicates her time to schools in the community where she works with primary school students in the areas of phonics, spelling, written expression, language, and speech sounds. She also works closely with teachers to ensure her students are continuously receiving the best evidence-based therapy.


Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist

Orietta works at FSPS on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also works in the school context, delivering speech
pathology services to children in a local metropolitan school. Her particular area of interest
is working with school-aged children presenting with Specific Learning Disorders such as

Orietta Mariano-Griffiths

Ori is also a teacher of English as an additional language and speaks Italian, so is often asked to work with young children who do not have English as their first language. She is experienced in providing client-centred and evidence-based intervention to children and adolescents in the areas of language, literacy, speech and stuttering. She has trained in the evidence-based programs Hanen- It Takes Two to Talk,Sounds-Write and Talk for Writing Remediation Course.

Macauley Bremner

Macauley Bremner has worked at the clinic for a number of years and has a strong interest in working with children that have early literacy and speech sound difficulties. 

She has experience providing high-quality therapy across both primary and high school settings and has a passion for helping children reach their full potential. Macauley believes in delivering the most up-to-date therapy and is trained in the Lidcombe, Sounds-Write and Talk-4-Writing programs. She works in local community primary schools on Tuesdays and is in the clinic on Thursdays and Fridays.

Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist
Rose Croasdale

Rosemary works on Thursday and Saturdays; she is also a Clinical Educator – training final year speech pathology students and has experience working in a variety of school contexts, delivering speech pathology services.

Rose has experience working in rural and remote settings as well as in local metropolitan schools. She has an excellent understanding of how schools operate and recognises the requirements of the National and State Curriculums. She is experienced in providing client-centred and evidence-based intervention with children and adolescents in the areas of language, literacy, speech and stuttering. Rose has trained in Sounds Write, Talk for Writing and Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’.

Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist
Lizz Hill

Lizz Hill works on Saturdays with high school students who experience difficulty analysing texts (novels, short stories, images, poems, articles etc.) as well as writing essays.

She has a special interest in helping students understand the “workings” of an essay, with regard to content as well as construction. Lizz is undertaking her PhD at Curtin University where she is investigating cognitive communication difficulties in children and adolescents with acquired brain injury.

Rebecca Wade

Rebecca Wade graduated from Curtin University after completing her final year placement at the clinic; she joined the team following her exemplary performance.

 Rebecca brings years of experience working at a Language Development Centre to her role at FSPS. Rebecca is passionate about teaching children of all ages ‘How-words-work’ and believes in using the “Science of Reading“ approach to strengthen their literacy skills. She has a particular interest in working with older children to analyse texts and construct essays. She works at the clinic on Mondays and Saturdays. 

Eva Cooper-Waldby

Eva has Masters Degrees in Speech Pathology and Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Nursing. 

She works solely in the school setting, providing services to a number of schools across Perth. She also supervises volunteer speech pathology students.

This background helps her to understand the human biology and psychology behind speech and language as well as the transdisciplinary nature of the work we do - how speech and language affects all areas of living.Eva has a particular interest in the science behind language acquisition and stuttering, having completed her Masters project in Stuttering and the variables that are linked to the development of dysfluency. She is also passionate about literacy and loves using Sounds-Write to teach children of all ages to read and spell. 

Holly Salt

Holly holds a strong passion for working with young children; her honours research involved research to gain further knowledge into the effect of tongue-tie on speech. She works in the clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays. 


Holly has previous experience assisting children with speech, language and literacy delays and disorders, and has worked closely with teachers in a school context where she has provided both individual and group intervention. Holly is trained in highly successful and evidence-based approaches including the phonics program ‘Sounds Write’. She strives to provide all of her clients with explicit teaching and evidence-based practice within a fun and supportive environment during her therapy sessions.

Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist
Rachel Comer

Rachel is working at FSPS on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays this year; she has a wealth of experience in the teaching of spelling from the earliest stages of sound to letter representation right through to more complex rules governing complex multisyllabic words.

Rachel is trained in Sounds Write and has also worked with many students to develop their reading skills using a systematic synthetic phonics approach; she believes that when teaching is “tailor-made” to suit the student’s individual profile, successful learning can take place.

Rachel enjoys teaching children how to correctly
articulate their speech sounds, and has experience correcting a range of speech sound errors.

Fiona Carmody
Fiona Carmody

Fiona is continuing her studies in Melbourne and currently sees clients via telehealth. 

She has a particular interest in the theory underpinning 

literacy development, and in providing explicit and structured intervention to develop reading, writing and spelling skills. 

Fiona is trained in the Lidcombe program for treating young children who stutter. She has completed the Sounds Write, Colourful Semantics and Talk for Writing courses for
supporting students with their literacy and language goals. She also holds a keen passion for helping high school students to understand, deconstruct, evaluate and compose textual information. 

Jan Bottrell

Jan works in the clinic on Fridays and Saturdays; she is also contracted to provide services to an
independent school. Jan enjoys working with primary school aged children, helping to improve their language, literacy and speech skills. 

Previously, Jan worked in early childhood classrooms for 10 years. She strongly believes in explicit teaching to provide children with a clear understanding of how literacy and language work. She believes that supporting parents and caregivers by providing the knowledge they need to help their children will greatly improve their child’s ability to progress through their education. Jan has worked with the Letters and Sounds program in a school setting and has been trained in Sounds-Write and Talk for Writing. Jan also recently completed the Lidcombe program to assist children who stutter.

Lauren Constantine

Lauren practices at the clinic on Saturdays; she has a postgraduate
certificate in supporting students with special and additional needs in
literacy development. 

Lauren has extensive experience working with students with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She enjoys working with older students to develop their essay writing skills and textual analysis.

Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist
Jennifer Baker

Jenny enjoys working with older secondary school students, particularly when the focus is on text analysis and essay writing. 

She provides workshops to students and teachers onessay writing across the secondary school years. She works from Monday through toThursday at the clinic.

Katie Sala Tenna speech therapist
Ildi Bruz

Ildi works in the practice every day except Thursdays with children from 15 months to year 12; she is also the Clinical Administrator of FSPS, and a Clinical Educator for fourth year Curtin University students. 

Ildi has degrees in both Psychology and Counselling, and Speech Pathology; this is an excellent combination of skill areas as it allows her to focus on the emotional and social consequences students experience when faced with having a Specific Learning disorder. She uses a systematic rule-based approach to illustrate “How Words Work" and is trained in PROMPT, Sounds-Write, Lidcombe, and Talk 4 Writing. Ildi also enjoys working in early intervention to help children find their first and is Hanen Certified. 

Elle take 2.jpg
Elle Holloway

Elle Graduated from Curtin University with a Masters in Speech Pathology, and Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Languages. With her background in foreign languages and linguistics she has a particular passion for speech sound therapy, literacy, and language development.

She is experienced in PROMPT articulation therapy, the Sounds-Write phonics program, and Hanen early language development. Elle works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with individuals ranging from toddlers through to adults with a variety of difficulties. She is excited to facilitate positive and functional change for all of her clients, whilst providing a warm and encouraging atmosphere in her sessions.

Annique take 2.jpg
Annique Farrelly

Annique has extensive experience working with individuals and small groups in clinics as well as classroom settings. She has developed models of service delivery and school initiatives that best meet the specific needs of students from a range of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Annique has a keen interest in early intervention, stuttering and supporting students with numeracy difficulties. She is PROMPT trained and a certified Hanen More Than Words and It Takes Two To Talk therapist. She is also trained in Sounds-Write, Colourful Semantics and the Lidcombe Program. In addition to her role as a therapist, Annique is also a Clinical Educator for final year Curtin University students and a Clinical Administrator at the clinic. She works Monday to Friday. 

Zeljka Danilcevic

Zeljka Danilcevic is an advocate for individuals who stutter. She is trained in the Lidcombe program and is passionate about providing high-quality therapy to help children be the best they can.

Zeljka also dedicates her free time to upskilling her knowledge and is trained in Sounds-Write, Talk-4-Writing, Colourful Semantics, Basic Key Word sign, and has undertaken professional development into identifying and treating Acquired Apraxia of Speech. She has a particular interest in working with young children with fluency or speech sound difficulties and works at the clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Verity Take 2.jpg
Verity Sassella-Otley

Verity has a strong interest in the science behind literacy development and a strong desire to support children who are struggling with the acquisition of reading, writing and spelling.

She is trained in Talk for Writing and has run small group sessions for middle year students to develop narrative skills at Perth metropolitan schools. Verity also has a keen interest in the early development of speech and language skills and has experience working with children as young as 18 months. She is Sounds-Write, Hanen and DIR/Floortime© trained and has completed extra professional development into identifying and treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She works at the clinic Mondays through to Fridays.

Jess Hart

Jess Hart works in the clinic on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays with children of all ages; she enjoys assisting children and adolescents to work towards their speech, language and literacy goals. 

Her major interest lies in developing the literacy skills of primary school aged students. Jess has experience working with children in small-group and individual settings and strives to collaborate with parents and teachers to enhance the communication, learning and participation of her students. Jess is trained in Sounds-Write, a structured synthetic phonics program, and the Lidcombe program (for stuttering). Jess is committed to providing current evidence-based therapy through explicit instruction and aims to equip students with strategies and structured approaches to improve their reading and writing.

Kate Take 2.jpg
Kate Robinson

Kate works at the clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and has qualifications in
Psychology/Linguistics as well as Speech Pathology. She has experience in both

trandisciplinary and consultative models of service delivery.

She has a wealth of  experience in identifying goals across a range of discipline areas (Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology), and combining goals into functional programs and strategies. She also consults with parents, teachers, and other allied health to advocate for her clients. Kate has experience working in the disability sector, especially with people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis; she has trained in Sounds-Write, Hanen More Than Words,Talk for Writing, and Lidcombe.

Veronica McShane

Veronica works at the clinic Wednesday through Saturday with students of all ages. She is passionate about delivering evidence-based programs in order to support children who may have speech, language or literacy difficulties.

Veronica particularly enjoys working with school-aged children with difficulties in written expression ranging from spelling to the complexities of essay writing. She also particularly enjoys working with children who present with speech sound errors. She is Sounds-Write trained and uses the program effectively in the process of investigating potential Specific Learning Disorders.

Sara Chong.jpg
Sara Chong

Sara has significant experience working with individuals who live with a disability and
extensive knowledge in Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Sara has over 10 years experience as a Speech Pathologist and previously worked in a Language Development Center in the disability sector.  She enjoys working with technology and using it to support literacy. Sara is Hanen trained and has a keen love of literature, including text analysis and deconstruction; she works on Wednesdays at the clinic.

Zoe Campbell

Zoe has a keen interest in the science behind reading and spelling. She gains immense satisfaction teaching children 'how words work" and has been doing so successfully for a number of years through a tutoring service.


Zoe works at the clinic on Mondays with primary and high school clients. She is passionate about delivering evidence-based programs in order to support children who may have difficulties across speech, language, literacy and math. 

Jo is experienced in teaching essay writing and narrative structures to high school students; she has also coordinated many group sessions where students learn how to structure written texts. Joanne is trained in Sounds-Write (an evidence-based phonics program), the Lidcombe program, and PROMPT. She works at the clinic on Fridays.

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