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Essay Writing For Children & Adolescents

In the high school years, students often have difficulty planning and writing extended essays. The same problems as they experienced in primary school emerge once more, but at a more complex level because the content of the texts is so much more demanding.


At Fremantle Speech Pathology Services, we can help students in secondary as well as tertiary levels to understand how to write good quality essays.


Some of the areas we cover include:


  • Planning for content

  • Formulas for introductions / conclusions and body paragraphs

  • Techniques that create bias and persuasion (rhetorical questions, statistics, quotes etc.)

  • The language of persuasion (emotive, descriptive, emphatic etc.)

  • Text analysis

  • Identification of themes

  • Techniques used for analysis (plot, language, characterisation, point of view setting)

  • Structure of the essay (general paragraph structure as well as sentence structure)

  • Vocabulary for writing a successful essay

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