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Speech Pathologist Professional Development

If a school, day care centre or other facility would like to provide staff with professional development in the areas of speech, language or literacy, Fremantle Speech Pathology Services can help.


We can design the content according to the needs of the individual setting or alternatively, we offer a range of possible topics from the list below:


  • Facilitating young children’s transition from oral to literate language

  • Pre-literacy skills in kindergarten and pre-primary: methods to expedite the process

  • Ideas for extending the writing of narrative texts (early, mid or late primary)

  • Formulas for essay writing (persuasive, analytical, issue-based)

  • Spelling strategies (early, mid or late primary)

  • Reading comprehension strategies

  • Sentence Construction 

  • Stuttering

  • Speech development and delay

  • How to identify “at risk” students

  • Ideas for extending the writing of narrative texts – how to add details, emotion, reasoning, description etc.

  • Formulas for essay writing - persuasive, analytical, issue-based

Workshops can be provided to:


  • Classroom teachers

  • Learning support teachers

  • Educational assistants

  • Parents

  • Students

Fremantle Speech Pathology also offers mentoring services to other speech pathologists looking to upskill in the area of literacy. We can provide support that covers:


  • Designing an assessment battery 

  • Interpretation of data

  • Report writing 

  • Setting goals and planning therapy

  • Construction of therapy resources  

  • Construction of a scope and sequence

  • Tracking progress 

  • Making a diagnosis (or joint diagnosis) for DLD or SLD

If you are a speech pathologist and would like additional support, contact us so we can discuss a plan that meets your specific needs. 

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