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Speech Delay & Clarity in Children & Adults

Does your child have difficulty with the sounds of his or her speech?


Does ‘I can see seven’ become ‘I can thee theven?

Does “Can I keep that kitten” become “Tan I teep that titten”?

Does “Snakes and crocodiles bite” become “Nakes and cocodiles bite”.


If so, your child may be having difficulty with speech production.


When children find it difficult to make themselves understood, it can be incredibly frustrating for them and some tend to withdraw from conversations. Speech delays in children have also been associated with literacy difficulties in school.


Some children present with quite a significant speech delay or disorder. This is different to just having a few sounds that they mispronounce; a speech delay can involve a Phonological Disorder that involves continual errors that are typical of younger children’s speech. One example would be the 4-year-old who cannot produce the final sounds of any words – so a sentence such as “I not catch the bus” becomes “I no ca the bu”. There are also more significant motor speech disorders such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech or Dysarthria.

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