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Fremantle Speech Pathology Pricing and Rebates

On this page, you will find all of our basic information regarding the price of assessments with a specialist and speech therapy sessions.


It may also be possible to claim a rebate for some of the cost of our services, as most ‘Extras’ health insurance covers speech pathology. Check with your individual health cover to find out the percentage of fee that is covered.

Specialist Assessment

Assessments range from $350 to $992 depending on the length of the session and the complexity of the analysis.

The cost includes:

  • Face time for the assessment (this can be up to four hours). 

  • Materials used during the assessment. 

  • Time spent listening to recordings and transcribing language samples 

  • Analysis of results. This may include time with other specialists or senior therapists if required. 

  • Writing the report 

  • A follow-up meeting to discuss the results

Please feel free to discuss the estimated charge with your speech pathologist when making the initial appointment.

Therapy Sessions

Following an initial assessment with one of our speech specialists, weekly therapy sessions are usually recommended for maximum progress, though fortnightly sessions are also available.


Therapy is conducted on a 1:1 basis and in the case of children, parents are more than welcome to observe (and participate sometimes!)


Speech therapy sessions are either:

  • (340) 30 minutes - $97

  • (340) 45 minutes - $133

  • (350) 60 minutes - $165

  • Case conference / School visit, per hour -  $165 (+ $90 per hour travel time)

  • Report / letter writing - $165ph

  • Therapy Assistant - $50 per 45 minutes

Please note: Most ‘Extras’ Health Insurance cover Speech Pathology. Check with your individual health cover to find out the percentage of the fee covered.

Please download the Fee Schedule for a full list of prices. 

Health Rebates

It is a good idea to phone your health insurance fund to ask what rebate you are entitled to for both assessment as well as treatment sessions. Also, remember to ask how much you can claim for your child over the course of the year as this varies with the different funds and level of membership.


We now have HICAPS available in the clinic so that you can pay for your session easily by card on the day. 

You can also claim your rebate instantly.


Please notify the clinic if you cannot make your appointment. This then allows someone from the waiting list to attend at that time. Thank you. If an appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours (unless because of sudden illness etc) the scheduled fee may need to be charged. It is also necessary for all clients to read and sign a Cancellation Policy Document. These are available from individual therapists or you can downlod it here.

For schools looking to arrange screening projects, or professional development in the areas of speech, language, or literacy, you can find details of pricing in our fee schedule.

Your privacy is important to us.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

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