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Speech, Language & Literacy Screening for Perth Schools

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services has been conducting screening projects in Perth metropolitan schools for over 12 years. We usually work with students from kindergarten through to Year one; it involves the design and administration of a brief screening test for all children in a class.


The purpose of a screening test is to identify speech, language and reading difficulties as early as possible, so that they can be treated sooner rather than later. Early intervention is so important!


If a school wishes to undertake the screening of children, the speech pathologist will design the testing battery required for that age of child. Each student will be assessed individually; their results are then analysed and collated in a written report. Feedback meetings with teachers are also included.


The fee schedule is:

Kindergarten - $100 per student

Pre-primary - $100 per student

Year one - $110 per student

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