Does Your Child Need To See A Speech Pathologist?

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services has extensive experience with spelling and writing problems, reading delay, literacy development, learning disorders in reading and written expression (most commonly known as dyslexia/dysgraphia), speech delay and clarity issues, lisps, stuttering, oral and early language development.

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services

At Fremantle Speech Pathology Services, we have twenty-six Speech Pathologists providing services to people in and around Perth with speech, language and literacy difficulties.


We’re a dynamic practice that has been dedicated to our clients since 1987. Browse our services below:

Our therapists are trained in a number of programs, including PROMPT Therapy, Lidcombe Program, Sounds Write Program, Hanen Program, Talk for Writing, and Word Aware. Please do contact us with your queries. 

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If you are concerned about your child, there are several significant signs that you can look for.


Use the checklists below to learn what these are, and if you'd like to talk with a speech pathologist, or book an assessment, contact us.

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