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A magical story about two astronauts who get caught by aliens on Planet Patania!


This pack contains: 

  • 18 picture frames for the story  
  • A suggested script written by a Speech Pathologist that matches the picture frames
  • Detailed analysis of the script that highlights specific language devices for each frame
  • Instructions related to each of the language devices according to the “job” it does
  • Instructions related to teaching the macrostructure as well as language devices complete with examples of explicit instruction to a year 3 class
  • Instructions for annotating the frames in order to teach the targeted language devices  
  • Strategies and suggestions for use and details on how to translate an oral narrative to a written text
  • A handout with images and lines for writing the associated story
  • Instructions for pre and post assessment (see free handouts and video for more details regarding assessment)

Space Dragons

$35.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
GST Included
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