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SpLLit Kit 

(Sp)eech, (L)anguage, and (Lit)eracy Resources  

Why did we make the kit?

We know creating resources can be tiresome. Spending countless weekends at the kitchen table with a laminator and scissors is tedious work that we are all far too familiar with.

We want to give you that time back, so you can enjoy your weekends without having to think about creating resources for the upcoming week’s sessions!

Our literacy box gives you ‘ready to use’ resources created for speech pathologists – by speech pathologists.




The SpLLit Kit is your go to 'it kit' for all things Speech, Language, & Literacy.

We have worked hard to make sure that the resources are not only versatile, but also adhere to evidence-based practice; we have pondered word lists, considered coarticulatory effects, and deliberated over the functionality of activities, so you don’t have to.

Each box contains over $200 worth of value, targeting areas of speech, language, and literacy - along with an extra little-something to treat yourself!

Are you a student, new graduate, parent, or teacher?

Worried you won't know how to use the resources? Want to learn about different ways a single resource can target multiple goals? We've got you covered!

Join our SpLLit Kit Facebook group and ask us questions. Plus we'll upload short videos on how you can implement or change the activities in your box to target different goals. 

You even get a say in what you want to be included in the next box!

What you'll find in the Winter Kit

speech resources


A complete deck of Fremantle Speech Pathology's articulation cards! 60 cards (30 pairs) covering all word positions with a mix of nouns AND verbs PLUS no word contains a later developing sound!​

Two colourful bingo sheets to match the new deck of articulation cards.


Glow in the dark stars to stick under a table. Use these to encourage children to lie on their back while trying to elicit /k/ or /g/.

Language resources


A hardcover copy of The Very Sleepy Bear by Nick Bland paired with Blank Questions of varying levels for each page.


Two tubs of colourful playdough (non-toxic and made in Australia) also paired with single-word and phrase-level lists that can be targeted in early intervention sessions.

Literacy Resource


A copy of Fremantle Speech Pathology's Sound Switch book that contains 20 sound manipulation lists comprising both real words and non-words.


Sound manipulation is a crucial phonological awareness skill that helps children build awareness of the individual sounds within words and can strengthen their reading and writing ability and facilitate self-teaching.

Plus lots more!

Order your kit today and get back to enjoying your free time!

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